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Institute for the Development of Enterprises


The Institute for the Development of Enterprises belonging to the Corvinus Business School at the Corvinus University of Budapest was founded in 2005. Our goal was to establish a faculty unit which, according to the leading international trends, aimed to focus on the theoretical and empirical research and education of the founding, operation and development of enterprises. 


Currently the Institute for the Development of Enterprises unifies seven departments, namely:

- The Department of Strategy and Project Management

- The Department of Enterprise Finances

- The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

- The Small Business Development Centre

- The International Business Centre

- The Research Centre of Regulated Industries (project organisation)

- The Research Centre of Defence Economics (project organisation)


Our study programmes include:

- MSc in Business Development

- MSc in Rural Development and Agribusiness

- BA in International Business

- BSc in Business and Rural Development

- Postgraduate Diploma course in Project Management

- Postgraduate Diploma course in Real Estate Management


Our research portfolio covers the following main areas of Business Development:

strategic management, project management, grant application, bankruptcy prediction, corporate finance, financial planning, financial analysis, performance management, financial information systems, decisions support systems, strategies of SMEs in the EU, financing small and medium-sized enterprises, value analysis, innovation management, international business, trade policy and transaction management, regulated industries and market structures, regulatory measures and competitive dynamics, competition law practices, agriculture policy, rural development, international comparative agricultural policies, competitiveness of the Hungarian food industry. 

The educational and research activities of the departments of Our Institute are closely tied to the planning, information, financial and operative dimensions of business and enterprise management. The interrelatedness of these scientific fields ensures that Our Institution carries potential to achieve synergies. 

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